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Rosemarie Jacquelyn Schulte

Walter Samuel Jeske

Alan Joseph Jeske

Joseph Francis Schulte

Sadie Mary Trombly

Anthony Schulte

Wilhelmina Knoche

Elisabeth Voss

Royal John Gibson

Alfred Columbus Trombly

Rose Susanne Rivard

Helen Margaret Lewis

Charles Benjamin Lewis

Frances Mabel Frielink

Garrett William Frielink

Helen Niezen/Nason

Sacred Heart interior photo - 1949

Frielink Sisters: Minnie, Lillie, Frances, Helen

Harry Frieling Sr. & Ellen O'Keefe

Harry Frieling Jr. & LuLu Frieling

Jacob & Abigail (Nason) Vanderberg

Vanderberg Siblings

Abe & Josena Vanderberg, John & Mary Vandeberg

Vanderberg reunion in 1928

Nason sisters in Kalamazoo

John Nason

William O. Nason

Estelle M. Nason

Greenbush School group c. 1887

Grant A. Frielink

Lewis children of Charles & Frances

Jacob & Sarah (Nason) Rychel

Frank Knoche

Louis John Knoche

Rev. Fridolin Baumgartner

Antoine Peltier Jr

Leander Rivard Family

Edward Stein & Philomena (Blonde) wedding

Theresa Stein Schoenherr

Meldrum's in Anchorville in 1910

World War I Diary of Joseph F. Schulte with photos

World War I photos taken by Joe Schulte

World War II Letters of Walter Jeske & Rosemarie Schulte with photos

Rosie & Wally's Wedding Events

Halloween at Joe and Sadie Schulte's in 1953

page with charts for surnames

Johann J. Knoche
Johann Knoche
Wilhelmina Knoche
John Knoche
Frank Knoche
Tremblay - Gilles to Pierre
Tremblay - Pierre to Alfred C. Trombly
Sadie Trombly
Eugene Trombly
Otis Trombly
Alfred J. Trombly
Marcella Trombly
Beata Trombly
Charlemagne to Fournier
Garrett Frielink
Nason to Rosemarie J. Schulte
Harry W. Frieling
John Frielink
George Gibson

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